In business today, the most dangerous element to the health and future survival of your business is low morale and decreased productivity of your workers. These actions are a sign that your business is in trouble. Like an impending virus or sickness, this negative cancer can mean an all out boycott of your companies core values and mission. It has to be eradicated early to restore the health and future of your business.

Most of the time, it’s a failure of your management structure, communication inadequacies and even an event that turned your business model upside down.

There is hope. Recognizing there is a problem is the first step to addressing the issue. Like a bleeding wound, the bleeding has to be stopped to save the lifeblood of your company.

At Early Consulting, we pride ourselves on getting in early and getting your business back on track. We do this by anonymously interviewing all levels of your employees analyzing the data and then providing a comprehensive report that guides you through changes that will save your business and reverse the negative trends your business has succumb to.

We do this very different than our competitors. We don’t show up in suits and scare the living daylights out of your good employees, instead everyone is interviewed via the web in the privacy of their homes with their anonymity totally guarded for honest and profound responses to important questions regarding policy, communication, structure and corporate culture. We analyze the data and weed through the inappropriate responses to see the core of what is wrong in your business. We will not provide IP addresses of those interviewed in order to get honest responses. It’s imperative your employees know they can answer honestly without retribution.

We have a team of seasoned business professionals analyzing the data to come up with a plan that can be implemented to save your business. You don’t have to follow all of our suggestions but we will prioritize those we feel are critical to the future of your company. Lets get started!

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